/wɪð / (say widh), /wɪθ / (say with)

1. accompanied by or accompanying: I will go with you.
2. in some particular relation to (especially implying interaction, company, association, conjunction, or connection): to deal, talk, sit, side, or rank with; to mix, compare, or agree with.
3. visiting; at the house of or in the company of: he is with the doctor at the moment; she is with her cousin in the country.
4. (expressing similarity or agreement): in harmony with.
5. (expressing equality or identity): to be level with someone.
6. on the side of; in favour of; of the same opinion as: are you with us or against us?
7. comprehending of: are you with me?
8. of the same opinion as: I'm with you on that subject.
9. in the same direction as: with the stream; to cut timber with the grain.
10. in the same way as: let us, with Solomon, be judicious.
11. characterised by or having: a man with long arms.
12. carrying (a child or young), as a pregnant female.
13. (of means or instrument) by the use of: to line a coat with silk; to cut with a knife.
14. (of manner) using or showing: to work with diligence.
15. in correspondence or proportion to: their power increased with their number.
16. on the occasion or occurrence of; at the same time as, or immediately after: to rise with the dawn; he swayed with every step he took.
17. in consequence of (the passage of time): to alter with the years.
18. in regard to: to be pleased with a thing.
19. in the estimation or view of: if that's all right with you.
20. in the practice or experience of, or according to: it's always the way with him.
21. (expressing power or influence over): to prevail with someone.
22. (expressing subjection to power or influence): to sway with the wind.
23. (of cause) owing to: racked with pain.
24. in the region, sphere, or view of: it is day with us while it is night with the British.
25. (of separation, etc.) from: to part with a thing.
26. against, as in opposition or competition: to fight or vie with.
27. in the hands, care, keeping or service of: leave it with me.
28. Irish English by: bit with a snake; kicked with a horse.
29. Barossa Valley (in someone's company): are you coming with?; I'll go with.
30. get with it,
a. to adopt the current fashion.
b. (an exhortation to someone to pay attention and to catch up with what others are doing.)
31. get with someone, to engage in sexual activity with someone, especially to have sexual intercourse with someone.
32. with it,
a. aware of a situation.
b. concentrating.
c. able to cope.
d. fashionable or up-to-date.
{Phrase Origin: originally African American slang. In the African language Mande the phrase be a la means `be with it'.}
{Middle English and Old English; def. 29 construction derived from the influence of German}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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